How it came about

Balletshop came in 1999 with the need to get closer to the dancers and dancers, since there were only stores in Lisbon and Porto, there was a need to have more stores in the center.

The expansion to Lisbon was due to the fact that it had a wide variety of articles and the need for articles to be run between stores and thus expanded. 

Our Mission

BalletShop is a selling space for all types of dance articles, with special emphasis on classical dance, but not forgetting modalities like tap dancing, sevillanas, modern dances and belly dances. We commercialize the brands Ballet Rosa, Begoña Cervera, Bloch, Capezio, Dorian Gray, Freddy, Freed of London, Gaynor Minden, Gifted Dancer, Intermezzo, Katz, Like G, Micaela Larisch, Mikelart, Mirella, Prodance, Rummos, Rumpf, Sansha and Sodança.